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About LumaLaser

LumaLaser is a rapidly growing multi-media company specializing in design and service for a wide variety of clients and venues in the entertainment and exhibit industries.

Recent clients include:


• Disneyland Hong Kong
• Bureau of Reclamation – Grand Coulee Dam
• El Capitan Theatre – Hollywood, CA
• Disneyland – Anaheim, CA
• Peachtree Laser, Brad Paisley H2O 2010 Tour
• Nowhere Lounge – Miami Beach, FL
• Pro Dynamics, Echoes of Pink Floyd - Midwest
• Club Quo – New York, NY
• Fantasy the Band – Louisiana
• Enigma the lounge – Rosemont, IL
• Coast Nightclub – Saint John’s, Antigua
• Chevy Chase Productions - MD
• Laser Dome – Lancaster, PA
• Opera Crimson Nightclub – Hollywood, CA
• Mirage Nightclub – Raleigh, NC
• Pulse Nightclub – Cincinnati, OH
• Club Barcelona – Fayetteville, NC



• Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge – Middletown, RI
• 1220 Exhibits – Nashville, TN
• Massie Heritage Center – Savannah, GA
• Old Dominion University –Norfolk, VA
• Design Minds – Fairfax, VA
• Color-Ad – Manassas, VA
• Hampton House National Historic Site – Towson, MD
• Exhibit Design Associates – Estes Park, CO
• Army Corp of Engineers, Saylorville Lake – Johnston, IA
• Travel Lane County – Eugene, OR
• Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve – Fairbanks/Bettles, AK
• EOS Lightmedia – Vancouver, BC
• North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences – Raleigh, NC
• Applied Arts – Des Moines, IA
• Dewey Short Visitor Center – Branson, MO
• War in the Pacific National Historical Park - Guam

Corporate Bio's

Tim Ziegenbein


Tim Ziegenbein is LumaLaser’s CEO and primary creative force. Tim’s extensive background in the production of special effects for the entertainment industry allows him to infuse a sense of magic and excitement into his educational exhibits. His film credits include movies such as Oceans 11 and 12, Solaris, and Gigli; his entertainment industry clients include Warner Brothers, Paramount Studios, and Revolution Productions; and he has created product display models for companies such as Boeing, Rockwell, L3 Communications, and Shafer Corporation.

Nicole Poisson

Project Manager

Nicole Poisson serves as the project manager for all entertainment and education/exhibit endeavors. She’s responsible for creating and executing project proposals and work plans; identifying resources; coordinating the efforts of team members and strategic partners in order to deliver projects according to plan; and managing the day-to-day operational aspects of LumaLaser projects and their scope.

Nicole brings over a decade of experience in not only the museum and planetarium world but also the entertainment industry. From behind the scenes of the music industry to the trenches of exhibit design, Nicole understands projects from both the client and company perspective.

Cory Simpson

Multimedia Design & Production

Cory is a result-driven industry leader with over twenty years of experience in traditional graphic design, computer animation, show design and production. Cory has contributed to exhibits at such places as the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. COSI, Columbus and Toledo. Franklin Institute of Philadelphia. Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. St. Louis Science Center and the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle.

He also designed and produced the Stereoscopic Laser Animations and Effects for the 1998 World's Fair Portugal – Their Flag ship, pavilion “One Ocean” with over 3.6 million visitors.

Peter A. Powers

Cartographer, Laser Programmer and Multimedia Integrator

Peter works closely with the LumaLaser team and strategic partners to integrate the multi-media and electronic components for each exhibit. Peter also programs laser animations, implements the touch screen visitor interface programs, and acts as lead cartographer for exhibits requiring topographic models and maps.

Peter developed the LumaLore® laser interactive exhibit system as a new design concept for interpreting models, maps and dioramas. He has designed and installed LumaLore® systems in visitor centers and museums throughout the U.S. and overseas for the past three years. Peter is a cartographer and geographer with over thirty years experience creating maps for a wide variety of uses in education, recreation, and tourism. He has developed topographic models for museums, visitor centers, and administrative offices. From his many years of work for the U.S. Forest Service, Peter has a keen understanding of issues related to the balance of natural resources, recreation, and forest management.


Topographic Model Maker

LumaLore is an authorized representative for Solid Terrain Modeling.


Solid Terrain Modeling (STM) brings physical terrain modeling to a whole new level, with greater detail, unmatched accuracy, and astounding full color imagery. STM’s revolutionary, patent-pending automation technology produces the world’s most accurate, full-color, 3D models. STM models provide a level of comprehension not found in any other mapping technology — they are extraordinarily useful for any application that requires a higher degree of map interpretation and communication.


The models hold exacting detail and provide a complete, realistic rendering of the area of interest. When people view STM models, all the information — scale, distance, terrain features, points of view, sight lines, colorations, and more — is immediately available and understandable to everyone.


Using digital elevation and imagery data, STM’s proprietary software converts elevation data sets into formats that control specialized cutting and printing machines. This advanced process results in model building throughput that is unmatched in the industry — a process that creates a model in days not months. The result is an exact replica of the geographic area in breathtaking detail and brilliant color.

STM can create a custom model of any spot on Earth, work with most data formats, and build virtually any size model. If clients don’t have the data for their area of interest, STM has access to all major data sources and can prepare the data sets for the project.

Any combination of aerial photographs, satellite imagery, maps, pictures, graphics, and text can be printed on a model. Architectural and stylized elements are also available to enhance model applications.


To see a photo gallery of STM models, visit: STM-USA

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