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  Phaenon RGB Series

Phaenon Full color laser projectors in compact enclosures with handy dimensions and low weight. Avaible in many output power classes.

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  Spectrum Series


Spectrum DMX Laser Projectors are one of the most compact and powerful laser projectors in the world. Spectrum Series comes ready to go on any DMX line.

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  ColorBurst Series

ColorBurst This state-of-the-art animated graphics projector can do it all. Impress your audiences with the same logos, text, drawings and animations you've seen at major laser shows, concerts and planetariums.

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  BeamBurst Extreme Series

BeamBurst Extreme This exciting system offers the same features as our popular BeamBurst X series but allows for the addition of higher powered lasers and even more magnificent color options.

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  BeamBurst X Series

BeamBurst X This laser projector system is ideal for nightclubs, discos, raves, trade shows and other locations needing spectacular Star Wars-like laser beams and special effects.

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